When you buy or sell your home with me, part of my commission supports women's shelters & violence provention programs. sunset

Tammy is dedicated to supplying infomation that is relevant to your needs. Whether you are a home seller or buying a new home, she has the information for you. Please find below links to various services and topics that she finds will be helpful in the selling or purchasing of your home.

Check back regularily for updates and new information supplied.

Moving Checklist
Moving? Tammy's Moving Checklist can help you out with organizing that busy time in your life. Quick reference phone numbers for all your utility companies and more.

Courtesy Van
Need to move? Book our complimentary courtesy van.

Kiosks (Local)
Looking for a Kiosk Location? Click here to find contact information…

Home Inspection Services
Tammy has been in the real estate industry since 1994. Because of this, she has extensive connections within the real estate industry. Click this link to view Home Inspectors that she recommends.

Real Estate Law
Click here to view the Lawyer firms that Tammy highly recommends.

Nation Wide Referral System
To read about the most extensive referral system in Canada, click here.